Sunday, December 26, 2010

And so this is Christmas

And so this is Christmas. It has been a subdued season around the manse; Sandy is bummed that our daughter did not make it home for the holiday, but she works in retail these days, and could not get away.
On another front, we have come very close to a White Christmas here, something that has not happened in the years that records have been kept, since about 1871. Snowfall is a rare bird here in central Alabama, as we average it about every eight years, normally just "a trace". This time, we have ended up with about an inch, accompanied by sub-freezing temperatures and a wind advisory, but a day late for the White Christmas standard. Yesterday, we went to my brother Bill's house for the Christmas doings, as he and Diann have grandchilluns, and the other two of us brothers do not. Gifting for the little ones (the adults do not gift), too much brunchy food, lots of noise, and all the things that go with it. An enjoyable time had by all.
As I type this, at 10:40am local time, we have 30F, with blowing light snow. Our "average" high temp for this date is 54F. Weather will do what it will do, and we have no control of it, so just go with it. We shall see. I would rather pass on winter of course, as I ride motorscooters, and have a built-in 40 mph wind chill.
Happiest of holiday seasons to all, and everyone enjoy your family and friends.

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  1. I have felt somewhat diffuse this Christmas, for reasons I won't go into here. Some years I do better than others. It really is all about the kids... we limit our gifts for each other, and for whatever reason DHL passed mine off to the postal service (12 days after shipment and a half hour's drive from here) so naturally it has not yet arrived. D. chose to forego opening hers until such time as the PO deigns to effect delivery. Not that any of that means anything, but I can't do much about world peace either. Just happy to be alive. Best to you and yours...