Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back after a little break

So, it has been a while, but you get what you pay for, and this blog is free, so there. I have been a bit disturbed by things lately, so I will take this opportunity to explain, and to complain a bit. Bear with me.
I am pleased that spring seems to be in full bloom here, which gives me open license to ride scooters, one of my favorite things. I am not pleased that yard work season is also revving up, with random and various plant life rising up outside, taking a deep breath, and stretching in anticipation of making me a yard slave for the next several months.
I addition, my mobility is becoming more limited. I am a DBK, a Double Below Knee amputee, missing both my lower legs from about 5 inches below the knee. This in itself in not a tradegy - prosthetics have come a long way in these recent years, and the ones I have, while needing an update, do allow me to stagger perilously around with a cane. The "additional factor" is that for the last several years, arthritis has been slowly but surely setting into my already crippled and ungainly body, in the last couple of years, more quickly and more surely, and it is beginning to be a pain, literally. My hands will not make a proper fist. I type two-fingered, with the left index finger, and the right middle finger. My guitar playing has lost its verve. What is left of my legs is developing stiffness and pain in the joints I have left (hips and knees). When and to what extent this will happen is apparently random, though I am sure it is not, but I have not yet connected it to a cause-effect pattern. It is always there, but gets better and worse. I will get a better handle on it as it goes along.

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