Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I am such a fossil... [sigh]

I was having a bout of what I call "terminal insomnia" last night (one of the ironies of congestive heart failure is that we are tired all the time, but have problems sleeping), and I was reflecting on what a Luddite I am these days.
My "cage" (motorscooter rider term) is a 1993 S-10 pickup with nearly 200k miles, but it is maintained, reliable, and suits my purposes just fine. I do need to drive it a bit more often, though, to keep it exercised (another motorscooter rider thing).
My watch is a water-resistant Timex that gives me the time on a clear dial.

My cellphone is a phone.  It makes and receives calls very well.  I don't text, I don't do Facebook checkins from wherever I am, I don't check my email while I am out and about.  I actually had an otherwise-intelligent lady ask me "You don't text?  How can I let you know when we decide on a time for the meeting?".  She was truly mystified, and when I told her "You dial the number, and when I answer, tell me the time for the meeting",  she looked confused.

I still carry a Palm PDA, the old type with the little black-and-white screen, and the flip cover.  Keeps me on time. The strange-looking ball point pen thing is a retractable stylus to carry in my shirt pocket, because my creaky hands, these days, have a rough time handling the tiny little stylus that came with the Palm. I also have the Palm folding portable keyboard for text entry.

I have always had fine motor control issues with my hands, made worse in recent years by my joint issues, and my handwriting has always sucked, so I am big on keyboards.  I developed my typing skills using two fingers, the index finger on my left hand and middle finger on the right , and still use that method.  I stick with it because it works, and through the years, from the point at which I adopted the typewriter as a mere kidlet, I have typed probably more than a million words in this manner. 
In the truck, just in case I get in a true bind for hard copy, I still carry a portable manual typewriter.

My daughter has a small tablet computer, and I have not yet gotten into that mode.  I do, however, have a tiny Dell netbook with a broken screen, and am thinking of possibly repairing that, and carrying it to give me wifi access when I go places.  It is compact enough (9" screen) that it is easily carry-able, even on the scooters, and has about a 5-hour battery life on a charge.  We will see.

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