Saturday, May 7, 2011


I had a semi-productive day today, and am fairly happy with the results, though I am hoping that tomorrow will not lead to regret. I attacked the yard work today, which I usually approach over several days, carefully controlling the exertion. Fifteen years ago, of course, I would have been up early this morning, and would have been completely done by lunchtime. These last fifteen years have, however been exceptionally hard on me, and let us leave it to say that after five hours of labor in the sun, I have about 40% of the job done. This may be a three, or possibly four-day process, which will put me back at starting point, and the cycle will begin again. The planter beds out front must be cleared of jungle undergrowth, as must the four feet or so immediately behind the house, the growing hedge forest around the old hackberry stump must be sheared, and a number of smaller things done hither and yon. Today, my hips and knees were acting up painfully, and I worked myself to virtually the end of my energy; sometimes this comes back to bite me later, sometimes not. We will see.
OTOH, Sandy went today to a session of the A Taste of Home cooking school, her very first, and had a blast. The woman conducting the thing is a noted local chef, entertaining, communicative, and "scary organized", and did several dishes, one of which Sandy won in one of the many drawings! It is an all-in-one thing called a Rueben Casserole, and it is very good indeed. They also covered, among other things, the making of eclairs, for which I would have to have insulin on IV Push, but I am looking forward to trying that. More of these classes to come, when they happen around here...
The next coming weekend, the Valkyrie Riders are doing the annual Cheaha Mountain ride-in, at, of course, Cheaha Mountain State Park, and Sandy and I will attend. Sandy does not ride at all, but enjoys the atmosphere of rallies and ride-ins. Some issues here - I am having some stump troubles, and my new legs are not here yet, so I will not be able to ride the Silver Wing, which will preclude me from the group ride on Saturday - on the Elite, I simply cannot keep up with the group. Also, the computer models are generally agreeing on a high probability of rain for the weekend, and right now, I simply am not up to riding in the rain. I will feel very wimpy showing up to a bike event in a car, but it may happen. We will see.

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