Sunday, May 15, 2011


We just returned from the annual VRCC Cheaha Mountain motorcycle rally, held at, of course, Cheaha Mountain State Park. This is the Alabama VRCC's annual run, and was as always a great time. I see people from other states there that I only see once a year.
The concern I have about the event is that it brings its own climate. We used to freeze in April, so moved it to mid-May, which in central Alabama is usually severe early-summer; the April showers are long gone, temps in the 80s, etc. Until Cheaha weekend, when it turns unseasonably wet and cold. This year, true to form, the temps have been mid-upper 80s, with lots of sunshinium; Wednesday was 91. Thursday night, a massive cold front swept in from the NW, with lots and lots of rain. Yesterday, the rain held off for the group ride, but last night, at our outdoor pavillion party place, temps were low 50s and showers played peeky-poo. This morning, the mountain was socked in with heavy fog. [sigh] This just in time for folks from eight states to ride home...
OTOH, Sandy and I had a great time, saw some great people, and relaxed for a bit. Well worth it, except for the carrying on of the evil weather omen...

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