Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Business in the downtown...

Yes, I know that it has been quite the while, but you get what you pay for, and this blog is free, so there.
Yesterday, my lady wife and I tooled downtown to the main library for a grins trip and the courthouse for some administrative things. Among other things, Sandy had to renew her driver license, and since the satellite courthouse offices are closed due to general fiscal incompetence, the most populous county in the state now has two locations to get this stuff done. The D/L renewal line was not bad, but for those who know the layout of the courthouse, the title/tag line came out of Revenue, and extended down the hall past the Tax Assessor office, almost to the main entrance portal, some nearly 250 feet. Oddly enough, the people working in Revenue seemed to be as courteous and efficient as possible under the circumstances, but some of them looked a bit shell-shocked. Thank you, Jefferson County Commission, for your wonderful management of county finances leading to the closing of the satellite locations!
OTOH, the main library downtown still rocks!
Just a note; nowadays, entering the courthouse now requires going through a metal detector, and being inspected by Sheriff's deputies. I came in on an aluminum mobility scooter, wearing my prosthetics and all my other accouterments (pacemaker etc). When I drove up in front of the first deputy, I automatically lifted my shirttail above my waist, so he could see my beltline. he looked at the rest of me and and my gear, and just said "Go ahead Sir". I did, and set off all kinds of alarms when I went through the metal detector. The deputy just grinned. I suppose a fat Irish guy with fake feet doesn't fit their idea of a terrorist...

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