Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Recommended Reading

I am a long-time (40+ years) motorcycle rider, and have been subtly shaped by that activity/hobby/lifestyle over the years, including my reading habits.  I must recommend two riders/authors that I have read, and find their work quite satisfying to my tastes.
The first is Daniel Meyer, author of several notable works.  I have met Daniel on several occasions at motorcycle-related events, and had the privilege of talking with him.  Daniel is a man's man, and a straight-up, totally direct individual.
Daniel has five published works, one fiction and four non-fiction, all wonderfully enjoyable.  His books are available from anywhere you buy books, but I recommend that you purchase directly from him, as that will contribute a few more cents to the author himself.  The website is  lifeisaroad.com , and I recommend his work enthusiastically.

The next is Jack Riepe, the character responsible for the Twisted Roads blog.  I have just finished reading his latest, "Conversations With a Motorcycle".  It is a totally honest part autobiography, part humor work, much of the humor at the expense of Jack himself, as he describes his motorcycle beginnings on a Japanese street bike in blue-collar New Jersey.  Totally honest, totally fun, and a read that many riders and non-riders alike can understand and find their own youth reflected therein.  Highly recommended.  Contact Jack at  jack.riepe@gmail.com , and order up.

Both of these guys are competent, heartfelt writers, and care about their readers, and both offer hand-autographed and personalized copies.  Get 'em.