Monday, January 21, 2013

An update...

I have committed to a couple of people to update this thing more frequently, so a general update for now, and soon a return to general discussion and my usual token bitching.
On the upside, our daughter has finally grown weary of a useless boyfriend and northern winters, and has moved back from Illinois.  She is staying with us for a while to finish her MEd degree online, and do some student teaching with the target of doing science teaching in high-school, to the pierced and tattooed mall-rats and slackers who infest public schools these days.  Brave lady.  She did a practicum day Friday at her old alma-mater, and had mixed impressions.  She will have one more day there, teaching a class as opposed to observing, and is arranging another similar journey with a Title 1 high school elsewhere in the county. 
As to myself, on a less optimistic note, my health seems to be continuing its slow decline, but I am fighting it at every flank.  The weather has been harder on me both physically and psychically than last year, but I am adapting.  The battery powering my pacemaker/defibrillator is weakening, and will probably need replacement in a couple months, but I am told that the more current model will be better, so we will see.
Due to stump issues, the scooters remain at rest for now on the battery maintainers, but continue to call to me.  The Elite has cooling issues, but those will be addressed in time for warm-weather riding.  The Silver Wing continues to become more difficult for me to handle, and I realize that I must must seriously seek a way to finance a training-wheel kit for it.  I am leaning toward the Go-Pac kit.  This is a major step for me, and in many ways another depressing nod to my deteriorating condition, but I had rather be on the road.  We will see.