Monday, September 20, 2010

Back on two wheels, and in time for Cheaha!

April 26, 2009
Yea mon!  Yesterday, I got the Elite 250 out and rode it!  It was 18 miles, hardly an Epic Journey, but I was riding!  I was waiting to be able to walk with a cane, so I could be able to get off the scooter and walk when I got to wherever I was going.  You could not have pried the grin off my face with a crowbar. For a rider like me, going from June to April without riding was misery. There are still issues - I do not have the stones to try the Silver Wing yet, as it is a 500lb bike; the Elite 250 at less than 300lbs is enough of an issue right now. I have very little mechanical advantage with the legs; both of mine are amputated at about 5 inches below the knee, and flexing the knee and trying to apply forward or back motion with the feet is very tough. I can not "back up" the Elite.  A stop at an intersection an uneasy thing, as the same principle applies to side-to-side motion with the feet; I do not have the mechanical advantage.  I am getting used to it, but it is taking a while.  This morning, I rode to Crestwood Coffee to hang out with the Birmingham Scooter Syndicate.  Forty-four miles and a gas stop, and I did well, all things considered. I am a happy gimp boy.
Now to Cheaha.  I hang out with the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club, a group who ride Honda Valkyries, a huge cruiser built around a Gold Wing engine.  These are great folks, and tolerate scooter trash like me very well; in fact it is their fault that I have the Silver Wing, so I can keep up with the group rides.  These folks have an annual Alabama state ride-in at Cheaha Mountain State Park in east central Alabama on the first weekend in May.  I am going!  It looks like I will be on the Elite 250, but I am going!  Cheaha is an amazing event - it is promoted as the Alabama state ride-in, but attracts riders from many states, and good times are had.  So far this time, there are 127 registered, from 14 states and Canada.  There are folks there with whom I communicate on the BBS, Facebook, etc but only see in person once a year at Cheaha, so this is something I will not miss.  I leave this Friday afternoon, and will return Sunday.  Yeah baby!

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