Monday, September 20, 2010

Off to war!

March 15, 2009
This week, I will be working through Wednesday, and my lady and I will leave Thursday morning for the big medieval war in Mississippi. This is an annual SCA event, and usually draws 4000+ folks. It runs all week, Sunday thru Sunday, but I am never able to get away the whole week. See:    It is a major event, mostly camping, but I don’t camp.
I have said before that these days, in my condition and at my age, my idea of roughing it is when the hotel room does not have free wifi,  and we *will* be roughing it - the only hotel within 35 miles is at the entrance to the ranch where the event is held, a 1950s-era 36-unit motel, originally a Holiday Inn, and still stuck in about the same time era; no wifi, no telephones in the rooms, and local TV stations from Hattiesburg.  The attendance is such that in order to get a room here during the war week, someone almost has to die to open up a room - Sandy and I were on the waiting list for 8 years, and must book for the whole week.
SCA members come from all over the US and Canada, spend the time eating, drinking, dancing, fighting, and all kinds of stuff, but mostly, they fight. It is a war, after all.  Back Sunday, probably exhausted, broke, and going back to work Monday.  See ya then.

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