Monday, September 20, 2010

Rotting of the culture

May 29, 2007
Well, my favorite morning radio team (Mark, Mack, and Jil) have been replaced suddenly on their station (WYSF, Birmingham, AL). Seems the station wanted to take a "new direction", and the existing morning team was not part of their plans. Good move guys - you have replaced a clean, fun, family-oriented team with a bunch of sillyassed innuendo-laden utter clowns, and changed your music lineup to a format to which I don’t listen. In other words, you are now like any number of other stations in the market, chasing the lowest common denominator. What a moron move, IMHO. 94.5 is now off my FM dial for good, the morning drive being the only time that I listened to your station. Lots of luck in the mullet-and-wife-beater-shirt market, guys. The deterioration of the culture continues. emoticon

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