Monday, September 20, 2010

Excuses, excuses

December 11, 2007
This thing has been poorly kept up, and will continue to be until January. I will pick it up seriously on or about January first, starting the new year. I last hit this thing in October, and was looking forward to a motorscooter trip to Louisiana to the Festival Acadiens. It did not happen - my dad, who has been in deteriorating health for years (Parkinson’s) took a sudden turn for the worse, and died after about 2 weeks in the hospital. The effects of that, all the things with mother to follow, etc put the hammer down on my schedule, my psyche and, I think, my general health, which is not 100% anyway.
Over the past few weeks, I have had no energy, my glucose is harder to control, I have sinus things freaking out, and my thermostat is not working well; I get hot and cold for no reason. Things generally suck right now.
So, I plan to get as rested and stress-free as possible during this holiday time, and to try to chase away whatever is dragging my crippled ass down. I will do my vitamins, a little chicken, a little fish, bunch of fruit and veg, and see if I can’t turn this around.
So I will be back the first of the new year, and I will try to seriously maintain this thing more better. Thanks.
Oh, and Bah! Humbug!emoticon

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