Monday, September 20, 2010

Holidays, holidays

November 28, 2008
I am chilling at the house after the Thanksgiving thing.  I was off all this week, and my ladies and I traveled to the Golden Moon hotel and casino in Mississippi Monday-Wednesday, and then back to town for the Turkey Day thing with the family.  I don’t do the gambling thing, but the ladies had fun, and my daughter made her rent money at the roulette table, so a nice trip. I don’t camp anymore; I have often joked that these days, my idea of "roughing it" is when the handicapped hotel room does not have free wi-fi, so I did not have to rough it this trip. emoticon  
During the holiday season, I do intend to shovel out the basement so that I can get on a couple of projects - I need to move my daughter’s VW bug inside so I can work on it in a semi-protected environment, and there are a few things I need to do to the little scooter, so it will be ready to rock whenever I am, emoticon and I ordered some parts last night. My front brake shoes seem to be No Longer Available, so I may have to look up a place here in town that resurfaces these things.I hope to have all this going soon. There will be a number of trips to the landfill and the thrift store during the basement shovel-out, so I need to get moving on this. One of my projects will be a fabricating thing - the scooter is old enough that the rear brake is a pedal on the right footboard, and I don’t know what kind of skill I will have operating that with a fake foot, so I ordered a generic clutch lever, and a front brake cable, and will try to set up a hand-operated rear brake by tying the cable in with the foot pedal assembly; I need to retain the foot pedal to keep the parking brake function. We will see. 
Otherwise, it is mostly back to the daily rockpile; I go back to work Monday. [sigh] 

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