Monday, September 20, 2010

Damned winter!

January 3, 2008
OK, the new year is now rung in, the holidays are officially over, and I am back at work. It is very cold, I am not well, and Sandy is at home very unwell. So the new year sucks so far, but at least we are both here. We are down to one running car [the fuel pump is apparently failing in the Chrysler] and as the temp was 13 this morningemoticon, I was not really keen on riding the scooter to work. It does appear that we will have 40s/60s by Sunday, so I will bravely go forth Sunday morning to meet up with the scooter club, but right now I am suffering PMS [Parked Motorscooter Syndrome]. This morning was especially tough on my hands as I went to take my stuff to the car; even the gloves didn’t help much, so I need to shop for some better, for everyday use and especially for riding in the brisk air. I have ridden in some cool weather the past few weeks, but have made attempts to avoid anything below about 50 degrees.
On Another Subject, as I get older, I find it harder to be nice. I just blew 42 minutes of my lunch hour in the drive-in line at AlaGasCo, trying to pay my gas bill. I was fourth in line behind three blue-hairs, and what they were doing at the drive-in thing I don’t know, but the little suction thing was going back and forth multiple times, each of these sharpeis were taking an average of 12-13 minutes, and multiple submissions by way of the vacuum tube thing, to conduct whatever business they had to conduct. The one directly in front of me, I had some better idea of, because I could see her through the rear window of her massive Buick Roadmaster. After being in line for 30 minutes, she pulled to the tube thing, got the shuttle thing from the little station, propped her checkbook on the steering wheel, AND STARTED WRITING A CHECK! I’m not feeling 100% today, and by this point, I was having a hard time resisting the urge to get out of my car, drag her out the door, and beat her down. emoticon Finally, she finished her check, put it all in the shuttle thing, and pushed the button, causing the shuttle to head on inside. Finally!! But no, after a couple minutes the shuttle came back, the sharpei talked to the speaker, got the shuttle, tore up the check she had written, and started to write ANOTHER CHECK! emoticon When she finally got her business done and retrieved what I guess was her receipt, she stayed where she was, looking at it for a couple more minutes, before moving on at about .75 mph. When *I* got to the little thing, of course, I put my check and bill stub in the shuttle, punched the "send" button, and in less than a minute, my receipt came back, I grabbed it, and moved on. I really want to be in command of a strike force, which members carry a car antenna, the really old-school long whippy steel thing, with the ball on the end. When we encounter stupid people, we will whip ‘em with the antenna, right on the neck where the welt will be clearly visible. That way, others will immediately know who the stupid people are, by the welt on the neck. Stupid should hurt… emoticon

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