Monday, September 20, 2010

Off to war, and other rumination

March 17, 2010
So, the spring that I have been hoping for looks as if it may finally arrive.  In the morning, my lady wife and I will leave for Southern Mississippi, to attend the annual SCA event known as Gulf Wars.  This year, I will not be fighting, but will use some time to try to get some pics and video of some of the goings on.  Looks to be a Good Time.  Yes, we dress in funny clothes and subscribe to a standard of chivalry and courtesy that is probably mostly inoperable in the real world of today, but it is fun!  It is a hobby, and an enjoyable one.  Remember though, that to be treated as the object of such, it is incumbent on you to act the part.  If you conduct yourself as an unbecoming ass or a wench, do not be surprised if you are treated as one.  This is officially a war between the kingdoms of Trimaris [the Florida peninsula] and Ansteorra [Texas and Oklahoma], with the other kingdoms being allied with one or the other for the war. The attendance is usually 4000-5000, and of the nineteen kingdoms worldwide, seventeen are expected this year.  No, it really does not matter who wins - it is, as they say, A War With No Enemies, and a really good reason to have a good time.
On the other hand, the laws of Unintended Consequences are bearing down on me.  The coming of spring means the coming of yard work, for me an increasingly difficult task, but one that must be done.  The yard is beginning to look shaggy already!  During next week, there will be a trip to Lowe’s for blades and a drive belt for the drive-it-around mower, line for the trimmers, and a new blade for the bow saw, all of those to be installed and made ready for the following Saturday, which will be the initial Grass Cuttin’ Day for this season.  I kind of look forward to it, and kind of not - it will be an industrial-strength task.  Forty weight.  Sheesh.
With the weather becoming survivable again however, it opens the scooter riding season.  Now that is something for which to look forward!

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