Monday, September 20, 2010

More holidays

December 22, 2008
So another round of holiday stuph coming up.  I like the holiday season generally, but I have a list of things of which I grow weary.  I am not able to ride my scooters.  The one-legged thing is getting to be a drag.  The weather blows.
Outside of those minor things, it is going fairly well.   I have always been a confident SOB, and I tend to look at things as inconveniences, not problems. I will heal up, and get another fake foot, and be back on  the scooters, and able to do some things around the house.  One thing I feel badly about is being dependent on too many people to do too many things for me; I don’t want to generate any pity, though I need the help right now. This is a quandry.  I will owe a lot of favors when all this works out.
As usual, the central Alabama winter is a pain; we alternate between warm, moist air masses from the gulf and good weather for a few days, then a cold front hits and brings storms and a few really cold days, only to go  back to the warm air. My sinuses don’t know what to do…
I have high confidence that when I get a foot on, I will jump back on the Elite 250 and roar off; in the meantime, I am collecting parts for a couple of changes. I am moving the rear brake to the left side of the handlebar.  I don’t know how well i will do with the foot pedal with a fake foot, but I need to keep the pedal for the parking brake function, so I will need to scab on the existing pedal with my handlebar rig, so it will take some fabrication.  I do need to try the pedal when the time comes though - I haven’t given up on my thing for another metal-body Vespa, and since the shifting is done with the left hand, I will *have* to use that pedal…
 All for now, I am tired, and my hands hurt…

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