Monday, September 20, 2010

Two feet again!

February 10, 2009
Today, I picked up my fake foot for the right side! I now have two matching fake feet, and it feels strangely sexy to be standing up again. Of course, I can’t walk on them, and can barely stand up for that matter, but Woot!  The prosthetist tells me that after this period of time, I am a toddler again, and must learn to walk all over again. I am good with that.
As soon as I figure this out, I will be back on the scooters, or at least the Elite 250.  The Silver Wing may be another issue because of the weight, but we will see. It has been June since I have been on a scoot, and I am having withdrawal, even a form of DTs… emoticon  I am ready to rock! Updates as available…

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