Monday, September 20, 2010

Between the storms...

May 25, 2009
Just took a little scooter ride; very little, six miles, but it is a ride!  I have had very few opportunities lately - I got my "sea legs" back and got back on the scooter just in time for a month of almost continuous rainy days, with emphasis on the weekends. [grumble]  This has been aggravating.  I used to say that if you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t ride, but lately age and health status have been catching up with me, and my philosophy is changing.  My new prosthetic feet are not supposed to get wet, and I don’t like to anymore.  As a result, over the last 4 weeks, since the Cheaha trip, I have been able to do very little riding.  Hopefully, the regular spring monsoon season is nearly over!
A group in Homewood has formed a little scooter club, not as a competitor to the Birmingham club, but as a supplement. They are meeting on Friday evenings, a good alternative to the Sunday morning gatherings of the Birmingham group; some people just can’t make it on Sundays because of other obligations.  I am thinking of doing a similar thing in Trussville, perhaps gathering on Thursday evenings, perhaps at Willie T’s, where the  Southern Cruisers already have a gathering on Tuesday night.  I will check with the management to see what happens on Thursdays there.  There are a good many scooters around Trussville, so maybe it would be a good sized group.  We will see.

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