Monday, September 20, 2010

Catching up

February 16, 2010
Yeah yeah, no posting for a while, and just catching up a bit.  I have had some "health challenges" of late, and missed a bit of work.  This happens most often in the winter, and makes me an unhappy boy during this season.  Thanks to Global Warming (now there is an incredible scam, but that is another post), we here in Alabama, along with most of the country, are having our worst winter since 1985.  Unseasonably cold temps, non-typical snowfalls, the whole nine yards.  I do not operate well in cold weather, and am having a particularly rough time this year.  Winter blows.
When we get some survivable  weather, I have major projects to do, and I am building and prioritizing a "to do" list.  One involves a major shovel-out of the house and basement.  I have seen a TV show called "Hoarders", and while not at that point, I see too much of myself in that show to be comfortable with this place, so I will begin a massive cleanout. I also do pledge to do better with the yard work and outside maintenance this year.
So I have all this to look at, and a couple other points also. It should be an interesting year, and I will try to chronicle some of it here. Bear with me…

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