Monday, September 20, 2010

More medical

September 27, 2008
I am back from the hospital; fortunately only an overnight stay. Had a pacemaker/defibrillator installed to help the function of the left side of my heart (beat up from the heart attacks). There is nothing I can put my finger on exactly, but I do feel noticeably better. My breathing is easier, and I don’t have random pain in different parts of my arms and thighs. I am a little surprised at the difference. Unfortunately, my left shoulder area feels like it has been hit with a sledgehammer, but this will go away.
I will be at the house for a few days. For a few weeks, I will be back to having to have someone unload/load my wheelchair or scooter from the truck (restricted lifting for 6 weeks) so I will once again be an incredible PITA to my friends and relatives, but I think I can find some young strong person to handle it for me. emoticon I do hope that the generally improved blood flow will speed the healing of the leg, and speed up my acquisition of another fake foot, and I will be back on my beloved motorscooters. A man has to have priorities… emoticon

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